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Big-ass list o' Ranks

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Normal Ranks:

Youngling - All new users are in this group.

  • Create and use lifts
  • Create protections /cprivate, /cpublic, use /lwc for more info
  • Use /who, /motd, /rules, /time, /me, /whereami
  • Set and return to home /sethome, /home
  • Unlock and use waypoints
  • View information about mcMMO skills
  • All mcMMO skills and abilities
  • Buy from / sell to shops
  • Talk to NPCs by right clicking, if they have something to say
  • Access parkour: /deathtower, /godstower
  • Spells: confusion, food, blink
  • Fight in mob arenas /ma join <name>, /ma list
  • Fight in PVP arenas /pa <name>, /pa list

Page - 25 forum posts.

  • Create shops
  • Spells: sun, farm, gills

Squire - 50 forum posts, and 2 weeks since join date.

  • Spells: cripplingwave, firenova, iceblock, roar

Apprentice - 100 forum posts, and 1 month since join date.

  • Switch paintings by right clicking them and scrolling up/down

Knight - 500 forum posts, and 3 months since join date.

  • Special vehicle alteration blocks for Minecarts
  • Can create gates, bridges, etc.

Veteran Ranks:

Baron - 1000 forum posts, and 1 year since join date.

Viscount - TBA

Earl - TBA

Marquess - TBA

Contributor Ranks:

Duke - Donor rank.

  • Unlocked for the duration based on amount donated.
  • Green in-game Duke title.
  • Additional cosmetic bonuses to come.
  • Reserved slot
  • AFK kick immunity



  • Moderators. Rank is assigned as appropriate, never applied for.


  • Administrators. Rank is assigned as appropriate, never applied for.


  • Wahrheit. Only Wahrheit.

In-game rank-up requirements:


  • 25 hours playtime
  • 30 levels
  • 500 gold
  • 200 mcMMO power level


  • 50 hours playtime
  • 100 levels
  • 3000 gold
  • 5000 mobs killed
  • 500 mcMMO power level


  • 100 hours playtime
  • 250 levels
  • 50000 gold
  • 15000 mobs killed
  • 1500 mcMMO power level


  • 200 hours┬áplaytime
  • 500 levels
  • 100000 gold
  • 45000 mobs killed
  • 5000 mcMMO power level

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This post has been updated with new information regarding the requirements to rank-up in-game, separate from using the forums.

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The required amount of playtime to rank up has been nerfed - the intent of this change is to focus rank-ups more on player achievement than raw time played. People could theoretically idle the number of hours required, but the other requirements are designed to be in line (more or less) with the playtime listed.

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Congratulations to Dane123Man, the first player to reach Page under the new requirements!

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