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Constructions of Alarmingly Stupendous Handiwork (C.A.S.H.) Program for Creative Building

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Similar to the C.A.S.H. Program for Mob Design, the C.A.S.H. Program for Creative Building will compensate players for their productive and creative insights.

Under this program, players will be compensated for their positive contributions both to the existing world of Prosperus and for designing new structures (natural, man-made, etc.) which will be added to a pool of potential random spawns in the Heavens at each monthly reset. This means that in addition to the rewards earned for their own creativity, players will have the chance to seek out their creations and be rewarded by them (or build bases by them, etc.) in the future.

Some ideas for creations include establishing new settlements on continents and islands that have yet to be civilized, designing "challengeable" structures for the Heavens a la jungle/desert temples in the overworld, and altars or ruins where one might be especially likely to encounter a boss (enterprising players may find themselves amply rewarded for submitting both a new Champion monster and a design for a corresponding structure to tie its spawning to).

As always, please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

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