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  1. any twister fans here?

    i had a scholarship to go to a prestigious university because in high school i was on the varsity twister team i was like the little asian guy in ocean's 11 i'm not as flexible now though sadly but i still compete in local twister competitions and win enough prize money so i can play summarx all day i live in kansas right now, hmu if you want to play twister sometime peas out dudes!!
  2. hey guys 8)

    my friends call me master splatter but u can call me "The Mayonnaise Machine" or "DJ Sloppy Sauce" i'm new here on the server my irl hobbies are playing the flute, glassblowing, spooning my dog, and spooning my dog i like to eat lasagna and garlic bread i'm lookin to make some friends i don't care what color your skin is i'm pretty open-minded nice to meet you all 8^)
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