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  1. Tips for new players

    If you use persist, note that after you turn it off, your next punch on an eligible block will apply the flag one more time. This is important if you are unlocking a few chests and turn the persist off when done. The next punch still unlocks.
  2. Tips for new players

    Be sure to flag hoppers if you plan on having dropper/hopper item transfer. Helpful for item elevators in particular. /lwc flag hopper on Then punch the hopper.
  3. PSA: Droppers and Hoppers

    Just a quick PSA. I've had problems making droppers pass items into hoppers, and hoppers sometimes jamming up. After some investigation, it turns out it was the LWC plugin. To make droppers pass items correctly, set the hopper flag on the droppers and hoppers in the chain. /lwc flag hopper on Then punch the block.