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  2. Turns out that the 1.6 is being released on Monday next week. :(

  3. Turns out that the 1.6 is being released on Monday next week. :(

  4. 1.6 Should be tomorrow, HYPE HYPE HORSES.

  5. Mythweald is almost ready for playing, waves and rewards are the only things left now. :)

  6. Horses and the 1.6 update to come to minecraft next week, prepare thine anus.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Yoyoto


      Are we updating?

    3. Wahrheit


      Of course, but only when it's ready.

    4. Xarin23


      Are we updating?

  7. New shop plugin! Just do /shop in-game for more details on how to set one up.

    1. Cry


      Nice, it is a bit confusing. Yet it is pretty awesome.

  8. Finally done with my exams for this year. :)

  9. 5 bans, 1 day, Am I missing some sort of be abusive to Cossack day?

  10. Well if anyone needs food on summaxr, I hear there's a metric fuck ton of animals at spawn.

  11. Starting to learn how to play Dota 2, this should be interesting...

  12. Seangroenewold for leader of the world 2016!

  13. Yo, Ratchet and Clank movie is expected in 2015, I am psyched.

  14. Bitches be tripping whenever I do /cast sun

    1. Yggdrasile


      better than losing Edgar Allen Poe's Quill with Smite V on it.:T