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  1. Hi there, I'm Kerazene!

    Hi there everybody! I'm a long time player on SXR, but I've been absent for a while, so I figured I should reintroduce myself! I'm Kerazene, and it's been a while since I've been around... I'm seeing a lot of the same faces around, and some new ones as well! So to everybody, hi there, feel free to join me in-game or message me if you need anything, I'm always happy to play with others - whether it's PvP, monster hunting, building, or anything else, just give me a shout! I can also usually be found on the Discord server here! You can join us on there for both voice and text chat. Stay awesome.
  2. Hey all, I remember on one of the old maps, me and a couple of friends built a great underground city, although that was back in the days of HMod! The idea is to build an even larger and more impressive underground city - with all the blocks and features available in the new Minecraft! There will be huge public buildings which groups can work together and pour resources in to, as well as public plots available to build personal housing on! The tunnel dug in the image on the right hand side will be dug in all 4 directions, and will be a small entry area in comparison to how large this will be! If you'd like to join in on this project, please give me a shout! Otherwise, keep an eye here for updates as progress is made. ^^ Thanks, ~Kera
  3. Did you get my message Kera?

  4. Love the album cover in your dp.

  5. one of my friends (aabughazla09) got on to come and help out me and studmonkey289 on our house and mine etc... but right after he got on he said it kicked him and banned him for griefing. idk if this is true. could you look into it for me? thanks -Jabic

  6. when you are going to be on more?

  7. Can you send me a mail or explain while online how to make a shop. thx.

  8. Don't feel up to anything today, feeling like shit. May just power watch some good anime I've been meaning to.

  9. That's because the server's professionally hosted Dadakz! :) And the reason it's so good, we've got people like you to thank for that, all of our members have made the server as awesome as it is today.