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  1. No thank you https://t.co/RRky5pZ8BM

  2. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? https://t.co/WQXRxYlX0g

  3. RT @studentactivism: Imagine a profile like this for an antifa activist. For a street medic. For a BLM organizer. https://t.co/xdagdJ5qwA

  4. Big-ass list o' Ranks

    Congratulations to iShank207, the first player to reach both Squire and Apprentice under the new requirements!
  5. Big-ass list o' Ranks

    Normal Ranks: Youngling - All new users are in this group. Create and use lifts Line 1: Name of current floor Line 2: [Lift Up] / [Lift Down] / [Lift] Line 3/4: Blank / use as desired Create protections: /cprivate, /cpublic, use /lwc for more info Use /who, /motd, /rules, /time, /whereami Set and return to home /sethome, /home Unlock and use waypoints: /ftw View information about mcMMO skills: /mcstats, /mcmmo help All mcMMO skills and abilities Buy from / sell to shops Talk to NPCs by right clicking, if they have something to say Access parkour: /deathtower, /godstower Youngling-rank spells Fight in mob arenas: /ma join <name>, /ma list Fight in PVP arenas: /pa <name>, /pa list Page Create shops Line 1: [shop] Line 2: <Quantity> Line 3: <Price per quantity> Line 4: Shop type <sell/buy/barter> Page-rank spells Squire Squire-rank spells Apprentice Switch paintings by right clicking them and scrolling up/down Apprentice-rank spells Knight Special vehicle alteration blocks for Minecarts Can create gates, bridges, etc. Knight-rank spells Veteran Ranks: Baron Viscount Earl Marquess Contributor Ranks: Duke - Contributor rank. Green in-game Duke title. Additional cosmetic bonuses to come. Reserved slot AFK kick immunity Staff: Conquistador Moderators. Rank is assigned as appropriate, never applied for. Demigod Administrators. Rank is assigned as appropriate, never applied for. God Wahrheit. In-game rank-up requirements: Page 25 hours playtime 30 levels 500 gold 200 mcMMO power level Squire 50 hours playtime 100 levels 3000 gold 5000 mobs killed 500 mcMMO power level Apprentice 100 hours playtime 250 levels 50000 gold 15000 mobs killed 1500 mcMMO power level Knight 200 hours playtime 500 levels 100000 gold 45000 mobs killed 5000 mcMMO power level
  6. @KFILE @ashleyfeinberg

  7. RT @renato_mariotti: THREAD: Why today’s news indicates that Trump Jr. could have significant criminal liability in connection with the Tru…

  8. RT @Bakari_Sellers: The first indictments are always ancillary. They never get to the heart of the matter. He won’t be indicting the top ta…

  9. RT @CAH: Chicago, we’ve got your Friday plans right here. Our live comedy show is back, tickets are $10, it’s for charity. https://t.co/qCR…

  10. @karafagan clean EVERYTHING I also hosted a party tonight and I feel these feels ♥

  11. RT @chrisgeidner: Travel Ban Update: Hawaii and DOJ agreed to convert the TRO against travel ban 3.0 to an prelim injunction, clearing the…

  12. @petridishes holy shit this is good

  13. RT @erinchagen: Raising our voices today to say #NoMuslimBanEver! @americansunited https://t.co/oYngXZlpKi

  14. RT @khayadlanga: Many of us know this famous picture of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. But few know the bravery and tragedy of the white guy…

  15. @hpavocadoprice Are the TI ones still tiny?


  17. @tanehisicoates "*I'm serious" obv

  18. RT @Yascha_Mounk: @pewglobal @robertofoa @BrightLineWatch Citizens trusting the government less isn’t a healthy development showing they’re…

  19. RT @petridishes: happy character counts week everyone! mine is 140!

  20. @RiotBlaustoise HBD lol

  21. Retweeting this link for my new friends at the @ObamaFoundation #TrainingDayCHI who asked me where I got my phone c… https://t.co/IYeje7Ms59

  22. RT @ddiamond: SCOOP with @rachanadixit: HHS secretary Tom Price has been taking charter jets to conduct government business. https://t.co/D…

  23. RT @ErickFernandez: He has donated time & $900K to charities. You plagiarized your thesis, let people die in your jails, wear fake, goofy…

  24. RT @SenSchumer: EXCLUSIVE: I found the missing #iPhone9 https://t.co/gku6hmBVoL

  25. RT @MaxTemkin: Trump fans are much angrier about housing assistance when they see an image of a black man https://t.co/nFTWuYngLG