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  1. Bug-stomping thread

    Archers are ranged mobs, and have different loot tables. The pigmen thing is a Minecraft bug - report it to Mojang. Phantoms are dumb and that is a work in progress. It's a plugin bug. Occultists are also ranged mobs and have different loot tables. Bouncy slimes do some damage. If they're too easy to kill, I'll give them more skills. Sure, I can make lesser wights more fun. Shades are just normal Endermen, but I'll report the bug.
  2. Bug-stomping thread

    Report bugs here. Thanks!
  3. @J_Dot_J Glad to know you're on the right side of history.

  4. RT @thedailybeast: If you're wondering what those floaty arrows in memes are, or for, @taylorlorenz has your answer https://t.co/7HjAfnOF5i

  5. RT @RVAwonk: Trump disclosed codeword-level top-secret intel to Russian officials last year. The results were disastrous. He defended hims…

  6. RT @nycsouthpaw: Hillbilly Coprophagy

  7. @dyketacular you could be the very best like no one ever was

  8. RT @PeterAlexander: With Trump last Friday, MLK's nephew said, "It's not a day to hang out in the park... It's a day to do something to hel…

  9. RT @kerrymflynn: Hi, I wrote a story with the thesis “new phone, new me” Get a fresh start: Why restoring your phone from a backup is a ter…

  10. RT @KrangTNelson: https://t.co/KHZFVs7Ic4

  11. RT @MajorPhilebrity: I agree, 37 is a criminally low number. https://t.co/tNUVTkQUEg

  12. RT @DanielJHemel: Americans are going to be awfully surprised when they're hit w/a $695 penalty (more in some cases) for failing to maintai…

  13. RT @MarisaKabas: I come to my twitter friends with a humble request: if you haven’t already, sign up for Hope (@talktohope)! For every sig…

  14. RT @washingtonpost: ACA enrollment for 2018 nearly matches last year's, despite Trump administration efforts to undermine it https://t.co/i…

  15. @craightonberman Oh no

  16. No thank you https://t.co/RRky5pZ8BM

  17. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? https://t.co/WQXRxYlX0g

  18. RT @studentactivism: Imagine a profile like this for an antifa activist. For a street medic. For a BLM organizer. https://t.co/xdagdJ5qwA

  19. Big-ass list o' Ranks

    Congratulations to iShank207, the first player to reach both Squire and Apprentice under the new requirements!
  20. Big-ass list o' Ranks

    Normal Ranks: Youngling - All new users are in this group. Create and use lifts Line 1: Name of current floor Line 2: [Lift Up] / [Lift Down] / [Lift] Line 3/4: Blank / use as desired Create protections: /cprivate, /cpublic, use /lwc for more info Use /who, /motd, /rules, /time, /whereami Set and return to home /sethome, /home Unlock and use waypoints: /ftw View information about mcMMO skills: /mcstats, /mcmmo help All mcMMO skills and abilities Buy from / sell to shops Talk to NPCs by right clicking, if they have something to say Access parkour: /deathtower, /godstower Youngling-rank spells Fight in mob arenas: /ma join <name>, /ma list Fight in PVP arenas: /pa <name>, /pa list Page Create shops Line 1: [shop] Line 2: <Quantity> Line 3: <Price per quantity> Line 4: Shop type <sell/buy/barter> Page-rank spells Squire Squire-rank spells Apprentice Switch paintings by right clicking them and scrolling up/down Apprentice-rank spells Knight Special vehicle alteration blocks for Minecarts Can create gates, bridges, etc. Knight-rank spells Veteran Ranks: Baron Viscount Earl Marquess Contributor Ranks: Duke - Contributor rank. Green in-game Duke title. Additional cosmetic bonuses to come. Reserved slot AFK kick immunity Staff: Conquistador Moderators. Rank is assigned as appropriate, never applied for. Demigod Administrators. Rank is assigned as appropriate, never applied for. God Wahrheit. In-game rank-up requirements: Page 25 hours playtime 30 levels 500 gold 200 mcMMO power level Squire 50 hours playtime 100 levels 3000 gold 5000 mobs killed 500 mcMMO power level Apprentice 100 hours playtime 250 levels 50000 gold 15000 mobs killed 1500 mcMMO power level Knight 200 hours playtime 500 levels 100000 gold 45000 mobs killed 5000 mcMMO power level
  21. @KFILE @ashleyfeinberg

  22. RT @renato_mariotti: THREAD: Why today’s news indicates that Trump Jr. could have significant criminal liability in connection with the Tru…

  23. RT @Bakari_Sellers: The first indictments are always ancillary. They never get to the heart of the matter. He won’t be indicting the top ta…

  24. RT @CAH: Chicago, we’ve got your Friday plans right here. Our live comedy show is back, tickets are $10, it’s for charity. https://t.co/qCR…

  25. @karafagan clean EVERYTHING I also hosted a party tonight and I feel these feels ♥

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