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  1. Bug-stomping thread

    Archers are ranged mobs, and have different loot tables. The pigmen thing is a Minecraft bug - report it to Mojang. Phantoms are dumb and that is a work in progress. It's a plugin bug. Occultists are also ranged mobs and have different loot tables. Bouncy slimes do some damage. If they're too easy to kill, I'll give them more skills. Sure, I can make lesser wights more fun. Shades are just normal Endermen, but I'll report the bug.
  2. @J_Dot_J Glad to know you're on the right side of history.

  3. RT @thedailybeast: If you're wondering what those floaty arrows in memes are, or for, @taylorlorenz has your answer https://t.co/7HjAfnOF5i

  4. RT @RVAwonk: Trump disclosed codeword-level top-secret intel to Russian officials last year. The results were disastrous. He defended hims…

  5. RT @nycsouthpaw: Hillbilly Coprophagy

  6. @dyketacular you could be the very best like no one ever was

  7. RT @PeterAlexander: With Trump last Friday, MLK's nephew said, "It's not a day to hang out in the park... It's a day to do something to hel…

  8. RT @kerrymflynn: Hi, I wrote a story with the thesis “new phone, new me” Get a fresh start: Why restoring your phone from a backup is a ter…

  9. RT @KrangTNelson: https://t.co/KHZFVs7Ic4

  10. RT @MajorPhilebrity: I agree, 37 is a criminally low number. https://t.co/tNUVTkQUEg

  11. RT @DanielJHemel: Americans are going to be awfully surprised when they're hit w/a $695 penalty (more in some cases) for failing to maintai…

  12. RT @MarisaKabas: I come to my twitter friends with a humble request: if you haven’t already, sign up for Hope (@talktohope)! For every sig…

  13. RT @washingtonpost: ACA enrollment for 2018 nearly matches last year's, despite Trump administration efforts to undermine it https://t.co/i…

  14. @craightonberman Oh no

  15. No thank you https://t.co/RRky5pZ8BM

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