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  2. RT @ddiamond: SCOOP with @rachanadixit: HHS secretary Tom Price has been taking charter jets to conduct government business. https://t.co/D…

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  4. RT @ErickFernandez: He has donated time & $900K to charities. You plagiarized your thesis, let people die in your jails, wear fake, goofy…

  5. RT @DBfighterZgame: For those who took the L, here's your chance to get in #DragonballFighterZ Beta! Just retweet and be an active follower…

  6. RT @SenSchumer: EXCLUSIVE: I found the missing #iPhone9 https://t.co/gku6hmBVoL

  7. RT @MaxTemkin: Trump fans are much angrier about housing assistance when they see an image of a black man https://t.co/nFTWuYngLG

  8. Rare Drop Exchange

    Hi folks! Some of the rare drops from mobs mistakenly were missing attributes that they should have had (armor, toughness). If you have any of the armor, put it in a chest by your /home and post here. We'll swap it out for you and reply when we've done so. Thanks!
  9. @IrishBarrister @UChicagoLaw https://t.co/IQ8s7sH8g4

  10. @washingtonpost what

  11. RT @mstratford: NEW: Trump admin taps former DeVry University dean as new head of @usedgov unit meant to police fraud in #highered https:…

  12. É muito bom quando as pessoas tomam dores das outras 🐍

  13. RT @Lin_Manuel: Good morning world bring it in https://t.co/2F7fb8ENTo

  14. RT @billyeichner: Alex Jones ambushing people on the st without asking them a single question about REESE WITHERSPOON is exactly what's wro…

  15. Hello, everyone! I will be regenerating the End, the Heavens, and the Nether on or around September 4th, 2017. The Heavens and the Nether will have new structures spawn in them. I will try to get some done for the End before this reset, but we'll see. This post is well in advance of the reset date, so please let this serve as fair warning if you have resources from any of these worlds that you want to reclaim before that date! Can't wait to share the new stuff with you all.
  16. @josh_hammer @SebGorka What, exactly, is the business strategy, here?

  17. RT @petridishes: a Bannon hope, all ye who enter here https://t.co/JIIbrMBfn1

  18. RT @JaredRizzi: LARPers, remember, #otakon2017 is in DC not Cville https://t.co/SsX7ttOIme

  19. RT @artaiz: Boomer to a millennial: Who RAISED u!? Where're ur parents!? Boomers to millennials: ur generation is terrible, only urselves…

  20. Tips for new players

    If you use persist, note that after you turn it off, your next punch on an eligible block will apply the flag one more time. This is important if you are unlocking a few chests and turn the persist off when done. The next punch still unlocks.
  21. Tirei 6 lendárias no HS em 57 packs quem quiser ver começa no minuto 28 https://t.co/lfJpLweCGy

  22. Tips for new players

    You can also use /lwc mode persist on to be able to lock/modify/toggle a bunch of blocks at once without having to repeat the command each time! Just remember to turn it off.
  23. Tips for new players

    Be sure to flag hoppers if you plan on having dropper/hopper item transfer. Helpful for item elevators in particular. /lwc flag hopper on Then punch the hopper.
  24. Não creio que essa Deborah ficou ¬¬ que injusto @purichan_

  25. RT @deray: #MikeBrown

  26. Tips for new players

    Post your tips for new players on this thread, ask questions you have, and answer questions from others! I'll compile stuff as it gets posted, and add some of my own as I have time.
  27. RT @lolHauntzer: We 2-0d today and we're gonna 2-0 tomorrow

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