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  2. Bug-stomping thread

    Archers are ranged mobs, and have different loot tables. The pigmen thing is a Minecraft bug - report it to Mojang. Phantoms are dumb and that is a work in progress. It's a plugin bug. Occultists are also ranged mobs and have different loot tables. Bouncy slimes do some damage. If they're too easy to kill, I'll give them more skills. Sure, I can make lesser wights more fun. Shades are just normal Endermen, but I'll report the bug.
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  4. @J_Dot_J Glad to know you're on the right side of history.

  5. Bug-stomping thread

    I've fought countless mob and elite mob, and want to make light of a few things. Skeletal archers only drop imbued bows. Something is wrong with their loot drop tables with a overriding script, but all they drop for good things is an imbued bow. When I equip a bountiful blade off hand and a sharpshooter bow main, I get high looting and assure that I get an imbued bow from them. That's broken, partially because that's all I've ever seen from them. Pigmen don't agro if you one hit kill them, defeating the purpose of how scary they can be and making the nether feel innocent. Phantom (ghastly elite) spawn inside obsidian blocks literally half the time, and they never target the character because they're too far away when they spawn outside of the ground. Maybe giving them a registered spawning height and have a forever lock on to their target. Occultist have never ever dropped imbued items, almost always a life totem and a few diamonds but that's it. Bouncy slime are silly and shouldn't drop anything (like they do), but it'd be cool to have a mob spawn that hurts you with numbers like that and have it actually reward you. And 50 gold for the first kill feels like a nice incentive to find out what's wrong with that slime, but nothing more.. Lesser wright don't have any bugs but seeing them always makes me sad. Could we increase their hp or make them have an ability? They're the easiest 25 gold and are the true elite that should be getting bonuses, not skeleton rogues. Lesser shades have been known to agro players without even being looked at, and it's caused some incidents that suck. In the end, I've come to realize that the majority; if not every time I've died it's been some gimmicky way, and it's never left me feeling "next time", it's always left me sad and upset at the messed up mechanic and how it wasn't worth all that progress. Pretty much feeling cheated. Hope my list prevents that feeling in the future!
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  8. RT @nycsouthpaw: Hillbilly Coprophagy

  9. @dyketacular you could be the very best like no one ever was

  10. RT @PeterAlexander: With Trump last Friday, MLK's nephew said, "It's not a day to hang out in the park... It's a day to do something to hel…


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  15. RT @MajorPhilebrity: I agree, 37 is a criminally low number. https://t.co/tNUVTkQUEg

  16. Entro no twitter 1 vez por mÊs quase, e morro de vergonha por que só fica os RT do @uil__ e é tudo porn HAHA

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  19. @uil__ ainda bem q eu sei de quem eu vou pegar daqui uns meses

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  21. Photos of Prosperus

    Per the new forums, the Minecraft section needs another Photos of Summaxr/Prosperus thread. Thread Rules: I. Wahrheit's Word is Law II. No maximizing post count by scattering out posted photos. Make an imgur gallery or use another similar file host, post links, or previews on a single post. III. Descriptions with photos for context--nice but not necessary. IV. Shader Mods, Visual FX and other photography-like drops are encouraged, although memorable chat photos, moments of achievement and other complete randomness is also fine! Gallery of Prosperus 2017/2018 https://imgur.com/a/daGSp
  22. @craightonberman Oh no

  23. amanhã é o dia @leohamasaki nem consigo acreditar

  24. No thank you https://t.co/RRky5pZ8BM

  25. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? https://t.co/WQXRxYlX0g

  26. RT @studentactivism: Imagine a profile like this for an antifa activist. For a street medic. For a BLM organizer. https://t.co/xdagdJ5qwA

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