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  2. RT @petridishes: a Bannon hope, all ye who enter here https://t.co/JIIbrMBfn1

  3. RT @JaredRizzi: LARPers, remember, #otakon2017 is in DC not Cville https://t.co/SsX7ttOIme

  4. RT @artaiz: Boomer to a millennial: Who RAISED u!? Where're ur parents!? Boomers to millennials: ur generation is terrible, only urselves…

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  6. Tips for new players

    If you use persist, note that after you turn it off, your next punch on an eligible block will apply the flag one more time. This is important if you are unlocking a few chests and turn the persist off when done. The next punch still unlocks.
  7. Tirei 6 lendárias no HS em 57 packs quem quiser ver começa no minuto 28 https://t.co/lfJpLweCGy

  8. Tips for new players

    You can also use /lwc mode persist on to be able to lock/modify/toggle a bunch of blocks at once without having to repeat the command each time! Just remember to turn it off.
  9. Tips for new players

    Be sure to flag hoppers if you plan on having dropper/hopper item transfer. Helpful for item elevators in particular. /lwc flag hopper on Then punch the hopper.
  10. Não creio que essa Deborah ficou ¬¬ que injusto @purichan_

  11. RT @deray: #MikeBrown

  12. Tips for new players

    Post your tips for new players on this thread, ask questions you have, and answer questions from others! I'll compile stuff as it gets posted, and add some of my own as I have time.
  13. RT @lolHauntzer: We 2-0d today and we're gonna 2-0 tomorrow

  14. @IWriteAllDay_ 💙💙💙

  15. Incrível como só vão aparecer quando precisarem de algo 🐍🐍

  16. RT @GucciClout: twitter is our country’s greatest resource and must be protected at all costs https://t.co/fNqbELJyTP

  17. Server issue :(

    Forgot to reply to your thread, but this is all good now. Next time, tag me on Discord!
  18. Everyone else is doing it

    By design! Glad to have you here.
  19. Everyone else is doing it

    This board was the first thing I saw don't judge me plz kthx.
  20. @kenjilopezalt What's your favorite late night snack these days? I always enjoy when you post those videos.

  21. Server issue :(

    Hey guys. its 10 am here (atlantic time). And im having an issue with the server. It takes a very long time to join and when it doesnt Time out in the process , I can get in game for a minute or two before it times out on me. Cant interact with anything and the world doesnt fully load. Has anyone else had issues with this? I just want to play haha. Everything is fine on my end . Just curious.
  22. RT @chivalress: Scaramucci is the 80s guy from Futurama https://t.co/8ohqILqj7O

  23. Here's a list of all the messages currently on the server - please feel free to make suggestions for new ones! Accepted suggestions will earn 50 gold. Drown %d drowned %d is swimming with the fishes %d took a long walk off a short pier %d tried to breathe water %d couldn't find the white whale %d is not scuba certified %d was lost in the bath tub %d forgot to flush %d is not a mermaid Cactus %d died to a cactus %d has a needle fetish %d fed a cactus baby %d poked a cactus, but the cactus poked back %d should have fed Shirley %d is neither mean nor green, but cactus is %d is pricklier than the prickly pear Fire %d forgot how to stop, drop and roll %d burned to death %d could use a little less pyromaniacism %d can't touch this %d is a disco inferno without the disco %d pissed off Cave Johnson %d is ashes, ashes Explosion %d apparently has an explosive personality %d misjudged their explosive tendencies %d dropped the bomb... on themself %d exploded %d is tiny bits and pieces %d won't have an open casket funeral %d is over there... and over there... and over there Creeper %d was creeper bombed %d hugged a creeper %d fed the creepers %d got a little too close to those green dudes %d didn't look behind them Fall %d fell to their death %d took a leap of faith %d could use a lesson from the death tower %d is not quite a ninja %d broke their legs and quite a lot more %d can't fly %d thought they found the rabbit hole %d attempted to think with portals - it did not work %d tried to be Wile E. Coyote %d jumped a little too high %d fell a little too fast %d should have utilized their repulsion gel PVP %a killed %d wielding their %i %a smashed in %d's skull with their %i %a conquered %d with their %i %a shoved their %i through %d %a showed %d who's boss with their %i %a broke %d with their %i Void %d fell into the Gap %d burned up in the atmosphere %d shouldn't skydive where there isn't any ground %d is not worthy of the Tower of the Gods %d didn't grab the ledge in time %d isn't as mysterious as the dark side of the moon %d faded into darkness Monsters (unknown) %d was killed by an angry %a %d can be heard screaming in the distance %d saw a ghost Skeleton %d was boned by a Skeleton %d couldn't keep track of dem bones %d was impaled %d wants to get off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride Zombie %d is now a member of the hivemind %d had their brain eaten %d can't do the Thriller dance %d briiiiiaaaaaaannnnnnnnsssssss %d doesn't get the brians joke PigZombie %d will oink in hell %d tried to eat undead bacon %d has been had by the revenge of the pigs %d is considering becoming a vegan Spider %d didn't build a roof on their house %d can't outrun aragog %d should not kill things with a magnifying glass %d can't do whatever a spider can %d cannot shot web Wolf %d is not animal-friendly %d should not become a park ranger %d is not captain planet %d should not pet the dogs %d got raped by a crazy beast Slime %d tried to eat poison jello %d was encased in jello %d got mobbed by animated goop %d should have known who to call - GhostBusters Giant %d was stepped on %d sends tiny baby to fight big giant man %d is a tiny person in a giant's world %d is not a King David %d failed to fight off the tyrants of darkness %d tried to bring a knife to a giant fight %d was not up to size %d got squished Blaze %d went out in a blaze of something, but it wasn't glory %d is full of burning bullet holes %d isn't quite ready to collect blaze rods MagmaCube %d is served with jello flambe %d should not hug things that are on fire %d tried to eat the burning cubes Silverfish %d was annihilated by the small furry horde %d is a victim of cute overload %d should have bought insecticide %d has a basement of swiss cheese CaveSpider %d was poisoned by the dark arachnids %d should be more friendly to arthropods %d needs more torches and less poison %d got bit Enderman %d has a stalker %d looked 'em dead in the eyes and didn't live to tell %d met a tall dark stranger %d is a victim of the men in black suits %d was corrupted by the cosmic darkness EnderDragon %d is not yet ready for the challenge of the Dragons %d is not Dovahkiin %d forgot their armor in the End Lava %d was killed by lava %d became obsidian %d took a bath in a lake of fire %d is not a dragon %d is crunchy and good with ketchup %d became a test subject for combustible lemons %d hasn't got all the strength of a raging fire %d didn't have the higher ground Other %d died from unknown causes %d was killed by Herobrine %d was found dead in a ditch %d was killed by the Gods %d lost the game %d should not drink moon rocks Suffocation %d suffocated %d can't count to three %d is finding it harder to breathe %d should have looked up Dispenser %d did not need a dispenser there %d got shot by a dispenser %d was a victim of a drive-by %d was blinded by the light of arrowy dispenserness Lightning %d got electrocuted %d has an electrifying personality %d made a suitable ground %d is shocking %d was turned to glass %d pissed off the Gods Suicide %d committed suicide %d decided to end it all Starvation %d died of starvation %d forgot to eat Potion %d killed by Potion. It was a really good potion ThrownPotion %d killed by Potion. It was a really good potion
  24. I came here to have a good time and honestly I feel so attacked right now. #Splatoon2 #NintendoSwitch https://t.co/3TDnWjaxzG

  25. The thunder and lightning are back 😍😍😍

  26. PS if you can't tell I can talk about politics again and I'm so happy

  27. any twister fans here?

    i had a scholarship to go to a prestigious university because in high school i was on the varsity twister team i was like the little asian guy in ocean's 11 i'm not as flexible now though sadly but i still compete in local twister competitions and win enough prize money so i can play summarx all day i live in kansas right now, hmu if you want to play twister sometime peas out dudes!!
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