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  2. No thank you https://t.co/RRky5pZ8BM

  3. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? https://t.co/WQXRxYlX0g

  4. RT @studentactivism: Imagine a profile like this for an antifa activist. For a street medic. For a BLM organizer. https://t.co/xdagdJ5qwA

  5. RT @bchartsnet: Eu não ouvi o que eu ouvi. Ouvi? Assim nasce mais um bordão do ícone Sandra Annenberg https://t.co/4CpL2ygxqa

  6. Big-ass list o' Ranks

    Congratulations to iShank207, the first player to reach both Squire and Apprentice under the new requirements!
  7. @KFILE @ashleyfeinberg

  8. RT @renato_mariotti: THREAD: Why today’s news indicates that Trump Jr. could have significant criminal liability in connection with the Tru…

  9. RT @A_Pomba: pru pruuuuuu https://t.co/1Ips461zE7

  10. RT @Bakari_Sellers: The first indictments are always ancillary. They never get to the heart of the matter. He won’t be indicting the top ta…

  11. RT @CAH: Chicago, we’ve got your Friday plans right here. Our live comedy show is back, tickets are $10, it’s for charity. https://t.co/qCR…

  12. @karafagan clean EVERYTHING I also hosted a party tonight and I feel these feels ♥

  13. RT @chrisgeidner: Travel Ban Update: Hawaii and DOJ agreed to convert the TRO against travel ban 3.0 to an prelim injunction, clearing the…

  14. @petridishes holy shit this is good

  15. RT @erinchagen: Raising our voices today to say #NoMuslimBanEver! @americansunited https://t.co/oYngXZlpKi

  16. RT @khayadlanga: Many of us know this famous picture of Tommie Smith and John Carlos. But few know the bravery and tragedy of the white guy…

  17. @hpavocadoprice Are the TI ones still tiny?


  19. @tanehisicoates "*I'm serious" obv

  20. RT @Yascha_Mounk: @pewglobal @robertofoa @BrightLineWatch Citizens trusting the government less isn’t a healthy development showing they’re…

  21. RT @petridishes: happy character counts week everyone! mine is 140!

  22. @RiotBlaustoise HBD lol

  23. Retweeting this link for my new friends at the @ObamaFoundation #TrainingDayCHI who asked me where I got my phone c… https://t.co/IYeje7Ms59

  24. "Só eu posso deleta!!!" By god 🐍

  25. RT @ddiamond: SCOOP with @rachanadixit: HHS secretary Tom Price has been taking charter jets to conduct government business. https://t.co/D…

  26. RT @ErickFernandez: He has donated time & $900K to charities. You plagiarized your thesis, let people die in your jails, wear fake, goofy…

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